Greystone Retirement Home — Establishment and health at 44 High Street, Portland, Connecticut.

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  • May, 04 2019
    Walter Hunter
    It is sad that an imposter would post false reviews on this site. Doing so recklessly attempts to harm the reputation of a caring facility, and preys on the fears of caring families searching for a safe place for their loved ones. Let me tell you about my experience.

    Over ten years ago I learned that my aunt, who was living alone at the time, was not taking good care of herself. She was developing dementia, was in financial distress and had dangerously neglected herself nutritionally. Luckily, she trusted me to become her court appointed conservator and find a nurturing place for her to live. I found Greystone. I am not exaggerating when I say that transferring her to Greystone saved her life.

    My aunt loves it there. And this is no small achievement. Although she is a strong willed person and resistant to change, virtually every time I visit her she thanks me “for finding this wonderful place.” She is not an easy person to please, but has raved about the food for the last ten years. And the importance of this cannot be overstated. If she did not love the food there, she would not eat it. And as my brilliant personal physician has explained to me, good nutrition is critical to the care and treatment of a dementia patient. There is no way she would have lived another year, much less to her current age of 90, if Greystone hadn’t taken such good care of her. I love my aunt and take my conservator responsibilities very seriously. The caring professionals at Greystone have been wonderful partners for me.
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